Keith recently traveled to Dallas to begin work on a project with the soulful and earthly vocalist Jennifer Perryman, and the two were able to spend some time in the studio during the visit.  As the first phase of the Soulful Village Project, they are planning to release an EP of original compositions later this year.  Here’s more info:

Possessive of a beautifully soulful, resonant voice, the kind that pulls a listener in with each subsequent syllable, Jennifer Perryman is a likely match for celebrated pianist Keith Javors, who's prowess in ballad playing has been well-recognized in the jazz world.  Such a likely match, in fact, that the two would first work together some 30 years ago, both as eager freshmen in the prestigious University of North Texas Jazz Studies Program.  Meeting in the school's premiere vocal group, their last performance together before parting ways six years later would be at Javors' farewell concert, where they rendered a version, now ironically, of "The Trouble With Hello is Goodbye".

 There's certainly no trouble for either of them these days, as their new EP reflects the experience and wisdom that comes with age, along with a revival of vigor to live life to the fullest. From the uplifting title track about taking in the moment, "Today", to the powerful  "A Phoenix Rising", depicting the mythological story of a soul coming up from the ashes to rebirth, Perryman and Javors combine to present a riveting work which can be admired for its authenticity as much as for its sheer beauty and musicality.  Such genuineness may be a rarity in modern Pop music, but for the listener who craves a fresh perspective and wants to be moved and grow, their current outing offers just that chance.

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