Hi, everyone,

Most of you know of Inarhyme Records, the imprint I started several years ago upon the broad-sweeping changes happening in the industry at the expense of the musicians and songwriters who create the music, as well as my own desire to provide a fair playing field for musicians and while encouraging artistic freedom and control of their message.  We’ve come a long ways and excited to share some “new” in Inarhyme.  This below from the Inarhyme Music Group…Thanks for your support and keep in touch! 



“Change ”I” to “We” and this is what Inarhyme has been all about from the beginning.  As in the definition of “rhyme” as a verb, we remain centered on bringing some consonance to the world through music; whether through accessible tracks fitting for a stressful early morning commute, playing and sharing hope through music to the incarcerated, getting into the schools with a hope to inspire younger generations, or through holding on tightly to our foundation in the importance of honoring and protecting the value of our artists and all artists in today’s society, and the music itself.  

We believe that the best is still yet to come as we incorporate into the Inarhyme Music Group.  One thing that remains unchanged is the paradigm in vision that underlies so much of what we do and summarized well in our byline...”

Adventurous. Artistic. Accessible.