"The ensemble never misses a cue or misreads a note, enabling Keith Javors to score a bulls-eye on his second album as director. When all is said and written, university-level ensembles simply don't get much better than this, and I have no second thoughts about recommending the album to anyone who appreciates a well-endowed contemporary big band."

-Bunky Green

"One of the best teachers in the country… the guy to take it to the next level."

-Jazz Educators Journal

"Readily an object of commendation, the UNF Jazz Ensemble 1 justifies its winning recognition.  Laudable performances reflect sustained effective efforts by Director Javors."


"Yes, that's the Jazz Ensemble 1 readily nailing everything from Ellington to Mingus, Michael Brecker to Oliver Nelson, Herbie Hancock to Pat Metheny?  How director Keith Javors is able to maintain such high standards in the face of sweeping personnel changes is beyond me."

-Midwest Record

“A ear opening set creative music fans are sure to dig.”

-Brad Walseth, JazzChicago.net

“Javors' updating of the jazz idiom doesn't reek of a desperate attempt at commercialization, but rather seems more like an honest effort to bridge the gap between old and new...The Free Project is an interesting release that will keep the listener off-balance nicely with its sense of musical freedom, while marking Javors as an artist with a colorful palette of sound."

-Ronald Jackson, JazzReview.com

“It takes a musician’s true artistic love and commitment to the art to really peer through his or her music to find this type of end.  A brilliant, structured, and well-conceived album."


“It is nice to see that the old adage, “Those who can do and those who can’t, teach” does not apply here… fierce soloing by the pianist. Javors has an intuitive arrangement and performance style that in effect propels his band."

-Stefan Karlsson

"I truly enjoyed listening to this quartet. The group and individual efforts are outstanding. I’m sure that this group will make its mark on the scene."

-Cadence Magazine

“Smooth and harmonious…everyone takes care of business.”

-Byron Stripling

"Take notice of Keith Javors.  This gentleman offers us superior solos throughout this recording."

-Rufus Reid

"An impressive debut recording... invites the listener back for a repeated outing."

-Phil Woods

"Nice band. Nice tunes. Nice blowing by all concerned."

-Bloomington Independent

"The quartet doesn't stray far from ghosts of the Motor City sound.  Javors knows what it takes to craft a listenable album…doesn't override with aimless strokes." 

-Jazz Times

 "The performances range from melancholy and contemplative to swinging and bluesy to exuberant and burning."

-CD Baby Editorial

"An elegant, charming album that shines both in its carefully crafted compositions as well as top-notch performance…An atmospheric spirit that can compete with the most rare of imported, red wines...a must-have for followers of Kenny Garrett and Mulgrew Miller."

-Jazz Education Journal

"Well worth checking into, his tunes cover a canvas of varied territories and energies interpreted by a tight unity in timefeel and mutual alertness in improvisation.  Javors satisfies an appetite for the musically punctuated with surprising twists and turns."

-Jazz Times Education Issue

 "Javors deserves a big pay raise for guiding and inspiring this 19-piece band to excellence.  This band is simply a knockout."

-Dave Brubeck

 "It is a wonderful song so I can see why the musicians are drawn to it and play such wonderful solos on it.  That's the truest test of a good jazz tune."